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This trip to the Pantanal is part of a package such as:
Rio de Janeiro> Northern Pantanal > Nobres> Chapada dos Guimarães> Rio de Janeiro


We recommend planning a trip to the Pantanal for three or four nights to allow time for the main activities. We recommend the Pantanal Southern for those looking for small hotels (small structures) as well as those looking to combine the Pantanal with activities in Bonito.

The Pantanal Nord is ideal for clients looking for the discovery of the Jaguar and the Chapada Guimaraes.

For families, we suggest that children be at least 5 years old. This tour in Brazil has long internal flights and also long transfers. It is necessary that the holidays in Brazil be a success and that you return rested.


Hotels - Rio - Northern Pantanal Mutum - Northern Pantanal Nobres - Chapada Guimaraes Mountain Charm Inn ★★★★

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Arena Leme Hotel

Rio de Janeiro

Arena Leme Hotel

Arena Leme Hotel offers contemporary beachfront accommodations in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most quiet and relaxing neighborhoods.

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Pousada do Rio Mutum

Northern Pantanal

Pousada do Rio Mutum

A total immersion in this ecological paradise. The sound of the birds at dawn, the charm of the waters, blue sky, the stunning sunset, horseriding through the woods and wetlands trails...

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Northern Pantanal

Pousada Reino Encantado

Offering a variety of activities, environments and relaxing landscapes of complete nature in addition to excursions and truly exciting adventures, if your goal is to rest or venture into our hostel, this is the right place for your vacation.

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Northern Pantanal

Casa da Quineira

A visit to Mato Grosso is always, without a doubt, a trip full of unforgettable moments and experiences.

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Brazil Vacation Packages

flight from Rio de Janeiro to Cuiaba airport

transfer from Cuiaba to Mutum 3h by van

Pousada Rio Mutum breakfast included

The reference point for arrival at North Pantanal Norte is the city of Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso. From Cuiabá airport to Pousada do Rio Mutum - Pantanal Lodge there is a 130 km distance, of which 50 km in highways and 80 km of dust roads. The trip takes 02h30min to 03h00min during drought periods; during flood periods it can take longer, depending on the conditions of the roads. Since the road is trans-Pantanal, one can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the various species of birds and small animals during the trip. In this ecological paradise the sound of the birds at dawn, the enchantment of the waters, the blue sky, the breathtaking sunset, horseback riding through the forests and wetlands, trails totally immersed in nature, flights of birds, Brazilian otters playing by the river, alligators enjoying the sun... will give you unique and unforgettable moments.

Pousada Rio Mutum Breakfast included

Trails around the Pousada for fauna and flora observation; Horseback riding through dense forests, crossing small rivers and flooded areas; Canoe trips through the wetlands; Departures at dawn in order to enjoy the sunrise and life in the Pantanal; Departures at dawn in order to night active animals in the Pantanal;

Transfer from Mutum to Nobres 4h by van

Pousada Reino Encantado Breakfast included

A paradise of crystal clear waters, Nobres is a perfect place for scuba diving, for beginners and seasoned divers alike!

Pousada Reino Encantado Breakfast included

Contact-us to more informations about the diving points , Rivers , falls, lake and cave tours that you can make in Nobres.

Transfer from Nobres to Chapada Guimarães Mountain 3h by van

Pousada Casa da quineira Breakfast included

The tour begins at Ponte de Pedra (“Stone Bridge”), a rock formation with a fantastic view of the Chapada and the cerrado forest. From there, you can continue hiking towards the caves, or return to the reception area and take the transport further - that was our option.

Pousada Casa da quineira Breakfast included

Cidade de Pedra (literally Stone Town) is one of the most incredible places in Chapada. Rock formations carved by the wind and rain form impressive walls of up to 350 meters (1150 feet) in height, which resemble ruins of a city (hence the name of the place).

Transfer from Chapada dos Guimarães to Cuiaba Airport - Flighr from Cuiaba to Rio de Janeiro


  • - Flight from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo to Cuiaba - Transfers - Hotels with Breakfast - Activities: Farm Tour, footpaths, horse riding, 4x4 photo safaris, bicycle ride, recreational fishing - Flight Back from Cuiaba to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo and night safari.

No Included

  • - Additional activities: * Panoramic flights.


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