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BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO, travel agency, is registered by Embratur entity (#SP 26.013481.10.0001-6) in Brazil, Government entity from the Tourism Ministry Reference: BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO
Registration CNPJ: 05.784.135/0001.09
Properties owner:
Address: Rua Dr Ramos de Azevedo , 159 – 18ème étage (salle nº 1812) CEP – 07012-020 
 – Guarulhos – São Paulo – Brazil
E-mail : 
The below stipulated conditions apply for trips within Brazil. Conditions referring to accommodation stays are different (We would appreciate your contact). 
2.1 – Inscription
All inscriptions for stays, trips, made by BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO, responding by the trading name of Brésil Découverte, is subordinated to payment advance starting from 30% of the total amount of provided services, except those travels effectuated during the New year’s festive period or Carnival festive celebrations (from Friday to Tuesday). For all inscriptions done less than 31 (thirty one) days of departing date, payment must be done in a single installment, that means the total amount of the travel. Inscription will only be considered consolidated once this installment is received together with requested information by our Agency.
2.2 Payment
Once customer agrees with the quotation, a pro forma invoice will be addressed, mentioning payment methods. All kind of payment retard might be considered as a cancelation which one cancelation penalties will apply.
2.3 Payment Methods
Our Agency allows customers to adjust their travel:
– Transfer Bank payment into BRASIL FRANÇA society bank account in Paris (payment in Euros)
-Payment by Visa Card. Secured online payment via website. Payment in local currency REAL (converted to the exchange taxes of the day, in the currency of customer’s residence country)
-Payment via MASTERCARD. Online secured payment, via website.  Payment in local currency REAL (converted to the exchange taxes of the day, in the currency of customer’s residence country)
– Payment via Bank Transfer for BRASIL FRANÇA society accounts in Brazil. Payment in REAL.
Important: We accept online secured payment via VISA or MASTERCARD (payment in local currency). This is an online secured payment. Your bank data browse through a secured server. We use the most advanced and secure encryption technology available in actual market:  << Secure Socket Layer >>, or SSL. This technology codifies all your personal and bank data. We’ll transmit to you a personal code which you will use to adjust, in complete security your hotel nights and further services.
Bank taxes linked to the travel payment is submitted entirely to customer. In any case, our society will request you the data of your bank card! Customer will effectuate payment online via our secured website.
3.1 – Sanitary and Administrative formalities
BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO provides its information for all English nationals. Once administrative formalities to be accomplished intending the entrance in Brazil (or in Argentina Iguassu Boarder) need to obtain a visa or any other kind of authorization, non English nationals shall check Brazilian or Argentinean consulate of their own countries. It is customer’s responsibility formalities accomplishment in order to obtain a visa or some visas or any other authorization from the competent authorities and their taxes. Foreigners must be informed of administrative (passport, visa,) and sanitary (vaccination) formalities, via embassies or consulates. It is strictly recommended to our customer to verify all information from concerned authorities.
BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO won’t might, in any case, be taken as responsible by the non observation of the customer about predetermined regulations of Boarder Police or sanitary authorities, before and during the travel. If you are not allowed to get in a flight due lack of required documents, isn’t eligible to receive any refund. For further information, we invite you to verify Brazilian Consulate General website:
New York:
Auckland / Wellington:
Less than 30 days from the initial travel date, all modification requests of service arrangements (hotel, transfers, meals and etc…), including in the package, will might be addressed in writing to BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO. This modification may (according to the service provider) generate extra costs, which might be paid off.
All modifications of Air or Ground arrangements or any name modification request even small orthographic correction, once ticket is already issued, will be considered as a cancellation followed by a rebooking. Cancelation penalties may be levied consequently. For flight bookings, we request you to verify names orthography (First name and surnames) they should be identical the way they are in passports.
At any moment, customer is able to cancel requested services. We point below cancellation regulations
– Deduction of 100 € per person of service fees,
– 15% of the travel total amount if travel cancellation is requested 30 (thirty) days before departure, except during New Year and Carnival festive holidays, no amount will be refunded within this period.
– 50% of the travel total amount if travel cancellation is requested 20 (twenty) days before departure, except during New Year and Carnival festive holidays, no amount will be refunded within this period.
-100% of total travel amount if travel cancellation is requested 10 (ten) days before departure.
-Once travel has begun,  amounts concerning already effectuated services won’t be refunded, for no matter which cancellation purpose.
– Flight tickets are not transferable, and not refundable.
In case of Flight ticket cancellation; this will be limited according to the airline terms and to the concerned institutions IATA/DAC.
-Refunding, after taxes deduction, according the previous stipulated conditions, will be accomplished via bank transfer within 10 days from the travel cancellation request date.
-In cancellation case, for no matter which reason, package external fees and hired by the customer such as Visa fees, travel documents, vaccination fees, won’t be subject of any refund.
6.1. Modification, force majeure
Flight times, arrival and departure airports, aircraft types, airlines and itineraries can be modified with no previous notification. These changes as well as all exterior technical incident of BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO, delay, cancellation, supplementary stopovers, aircraft exchange, rerouting, political events, bad weather conditions, might interfere in travel schedule, this shall not give refunding or material, financial compensation rights by BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO.
Over a 2 hours flight delay, independently of your accordance or not, our receptive teams may be sent to require a compensation due the waiting time at the airport.
In the instant you acquire a flight ticket, verify baggage regulation stipulated by the airline. As a general regulation (to be confirmed with the airline), Brazilian airlines accept 23kgs of baggage to check-in, per passenger, and 5kilos hand luggage, per passenger. Your baggage remain under your own responsibility. In baggage lost case, BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO won’t be taken as responsible.
BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO request to its customers to subscribe an assurance repatriation-assistance, before your arrival in Brazil.
– For English, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand nationals we suggest to hire Mondial Assistance Assurance. Assurance hiring contract must be done by the customer, in a maximum period of 48 hours later travel arrangements were made by our agency. Hire your assurance by clicking on the following link (subscribe 48 hours after you buy):
Elvia Mondial Assistance
-When you pay by Credit Card, you probably may count on assurance services. For further information, contact your bank.
According to the law, we can face the obligation to change our prices and our schedules due to:
-Transportation costs changing, especially due fueling costs
– Royalties variation and related taxes to provided services such as landing, embarking, disembarking fees,
-Exchange fees changes applicable to the travel or to the stay must be considered. Price might be revised due to the evolution of the currency. In this case, the reevaluated part is equal to 100% of the price exceptionally for the international flight fares.
-In the contract signature instance, price is fixed and definitive. It is displayed in Euros (based in REAL) and it might not be modified by any side except in terms of the two allowed points by the law (Transportation costs variation and variation of royalties and taxes related to the provided services).
-In price modification case due the above mentioned cases, BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO is responsible to inform customer by phone and by mail. In case of many customers are registered under the same file number, price is different according to the number of registered people in the file. Consequently, in case of cancellation of one or several customers, Different price from the initial one, concerning arrangements, may be imposed for those customers still kept in file. In case customer refuses to bear new costs
Those not used arrangements (transfers, trips, stays, car rent, flights) won’t be eligible for any refund. Arrangements voluntarily modified in field are under the local service providers conditions; extra arrangements or replacements, involving an over cost, shall be solved directly with local service providers and shall not take part as a BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO responsibility. These, are not eligible for any refund neither of the not used arrangements.
BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO cannot be considered responsible on the following consequences:
-Flight tickets loss (Airlines don’t issue a second copy)
– No-show or expired, incorrect ID / sanitary documents, non valid documents within the period of the stay (identity card, passport, visas) or not according to the displayed indications on the inscription form, located in at Boarder Police offices or check-in counters. In case of no-show (including delay for boarding), there will be a deduction of 100% of the travel total amount.
-Non unforeseeable and insuperable incidents or events of third party such as: wars, politics issues, Air space obstruction, Service provider failure, Bad weather, delays, technical issues, baggage loss or theft or of others.  Cubic delays having its cause the ones mentioned above as well as itinerary modifications that would eventually happen, shall not involve any compensation for no matter which reason it may be, in particular modification reasons, schedule duration change from the one initially mentioned or to be delayed for a connection. Possible additional fees related to disturbance (fees, taxes, hotel, meals,) shall be borne by customer.
-Imposed cancellation due force majeure characteristics and/or due to reasons concerned with customers security and/or for an administrative authority injunction.
BRASIL FRANÇA AGENCIA DE TURISMO is engaged to protect our customer’s private life and all their collected information. According to the legislation concerning private life protection created on December 21st 2001, this private life protection policy describes activities referring information collect used by BRASIL FRANCA AGENCIA DE TURISMO, how these information are treated and your choice on the manner you want your provided information to us are filed and treated.
When you proceed with a reservation through, we should take information keeping you aware in treating transaction and to accomplish your demand. This information includes, but it’s not only limited to, details such as your surname, your data (email, phone number, and fax). When you submit demand through our forms via email, we also collect your surnames and email in a certain way we can answer you to proceed with searching as fast as possible.
When you submit a reservation request, we use received information in different ways:
-Personal identification and check
-To proceed with reservations for Hotels or other services
-To allow Customer Service to contact you, if possible
-To improve our website
We reveal your personal information to thirty party (such as our hotels) uniquely in order to accomplish your transactions with us, to provide above mentioned services and for our administrative needs. We don’t sell, rent and don’t commercialize either your personal information to thirty parties as a commercial purpose. Unless it is not illegal by the law or by our contractual obligations, we reserve ourselves the right to reveal customer’s information if these are requested by the law, by a Court demand, or by any other government or legal authorities, otherwise if we believe that this diffusion is necessary or recommended. Such situations apply: in order to execute, maintain or reinforce contracts with our customers; to protect BRAZIL FRANCA AGENCIA DE TURISMO rights or property, our affiliates, our customers; or others; otherwise when we have some reason to believe that in revealing this information may be necessary to indentify, contact or enable a judicial action against someone who could potentially injustice our rights or our property, as a intentional manner or not, or when injustice could prejudice someone due such activities.
As the major part of websites, there is certain information we automatically track, as URL where it came, the browser you use and your IP address. This data are used to improve services and it doesn’t include personal identification information.
In the instance of Internet transmission, information concerning your credit card is protected by a encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This information is only used to pay reserved services with our society. They are stocked in a secured way all the time, they are not used for any other interest and they will never be diffused to thirty parts without authorization.
14. Claims
Any claim shall be addressed to:
Rua Dr. Ramos de Azevedo, 159, Sala 1812 / Centro
CEP: 07012-020 CIDADE: Guarulhos ESTADO : São Paulo
PABX SÃO PAULO: (11) 2409-8994


It is imperative to subscribe to your complementary insurance within 48 hours following the validation of the first payment for your trip (the deposit) to be able to subscribe the cancellation form or benefit from a guarantee of cancellation. Site: Chapka insurance

1 – By Card

For the payment of your trip, we accept payments by Visa Card, Mastercard or American Express. Payments made in your currency, with no extra charge.

Example 1: If you live in Europe and want to pay in Euros, we will send you the invoice in Euros. No bank charges.

Example 2: If you live in Canada and wish to pay in Canadian Dollars, we will invoice you in CAD. No bank charges.

Important: Under no circumstances will our company request credit card details!
The customer will make the payment online via PAYPAL secure site (you do not have to have a PAYPAL account).


2 – Bank Account in Paris

We also give the possibility to pay to our bank account in Paris in Euros (transfer in euros to PARIS).

It is important to note that we can guarantee you the price of the trip in your currency, which means that there will be no exchange rate effect for the payment of the balance of the trip.



Below follows the information of our agency:

Address and registered office of our travel agency in Brazil:


Domain name: TRIP BRAZIL

Embratur travel license: ​26.013481.10.0001-6

Street ; Rua Dr. Ramos de Azevedo, 159 - 18th floor (Room nº 1812) Guarulhos - São Paulo - Brazil At 10 minutes away from the Internacional Airport of São Paulo (close to the Mercure hotel / Domani hotel )

Postal Code: 07012-020

From England: + 55-11-2409-8994. This is our office contact number, based in Brazil. We do not communicate prices on the phone. Everything is done by email.

Tel. (From any other country): 00 55 11 2409-8994.

Time zone: (GMT - 3:00), Brasilia

Our office is closed on the following dates:

Holidays in Brazil 2023/2024
25/12/2023Christmas Day
01/01/2024New Year´s Day
10/02/2024 to 14/02/2024Carnival
29/03/2024Good Friday
01/05/2024Labor Day
30/05/2024Corpus Christi
09/07/2024Constitutional Revolution
07/09/2023Brazil's Independance Day
12/10/2023Our Lady Aparecida
01/11/2023All Saints' Day
15/11/2023Republic Proclamation Day
20/11/2023Black Consciousness Day



AVRIL 2017 - Circuit Paraty - Ilha Grande - Iguaçu - Rio de janeiro


We’ve returned from our trip to Brazil and wanted to thank you for the perfect organization of the trip, everything went well and we are very satisfied. Very satisfied also with guides Alain and Valdir in Iguazu. We will definitely come back with your agency!


F Lecomte


Famille Clemot

Janvier 2017 - Voyage avec enfants de bas âge - circuit Rio - salvador - Iguaçu - Paraty - Ilha Grande

Bonjour Mr Riou,

Nous voilà rentrés de notre beau voyage au Brésil, nous en gardons un très beau souvenir tant par le paysage que par la gaîté et la gentillesse des gens. Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir été en contact avec les Brésiliens car nos repas on les prenaient dans des restos locaux et avons vécu “Brésilien”.

Les pousadas étaient toutes très bien avec des personnes très agréables. Les guides (Tania, Valdir et Carlos) sont vraiment très pros et très chaleureux et nous gardons contact avec eux notamment pour leur envoyer des photos.

Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année et peut être pour un autre voyage dans ce beau pays car nous n’avons pas tout vu….. Très cordialement.


Couple Latrache

Janvier 2017 - Circuit Rio - Paraty - Iguaçu - Salvador - Rio de Janeiro


Nous voulons vous remercier pour l’organisation du circuit découverte ; nous avons l’impression d’avoir visité plusieurs pays tellement les villes , les paysages , la végétation et les populations étaient variés. L’émotion était présente à chaque étape du circuit , avec un point fort devant les chutes d’Iguacu. Nous avons également vivement apprécié les pousadas à Paraty et Salvador de Bahia qui nous ont transportées dans le passé colonial. La journée à Paraty sur le bateau était également inoubliables avec la baignades avec les tortues de mer qui remontaient à la surface.

Nous voudrions remercier tous les guides qui nous ont accompagnés au cours de ce séjour et plus particulièrement Stephane dont le professionnalisme n’a d’égal que sa gentillesse et sa disponibilité . Très à l’écoute , il a su répondre à toutes nos questions et attentes par rapport à ce voyage. Bravo à toute l’équipe . Nous reviendrons , c’est sûr, pour d’autres aventures dans un pays qui n’a pas fini de nous émerveiller.



FAMILLE Simonian

Janvier 2017 - FAMILLE Simonian - Circuit Iguaçu - Paraty (NOEL A PARATY) - Rio de Janeiro (Nouvel An)

Bonjour Joël

Je m’excuse pour ce retard mais je tenais vraiment à vous remercier pour l’organisation de notre voyage fin 2016

Nous avons découverts un pays fantastique et des gens merveilleux nos guides étaient très sympathiques et professionnels.  l’excursion à Paraty reste gravée dans nos mémoires avec le tour en bateau avec Eddy et son collègue le lendemain  Les hôtels étaient parfaits  Merci pour ce voyage qui a été organisé avec soin et professionnalisme

a une prochaine fois peut être .  Famille Simonian


Since 2003, we organize tailor-made holidays to Brazil and we can amend to your enquirements and budget.

Speak to us !


For the payments, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or bank transfer payments. Payments made in your currency, free of charge.

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