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City: Amazonia


The best of the hotel! There are a variety of unique destinations in the world, untouched places, where the journey to get there is part of the adventure and life experiences that await you. Untamed Amazon offers these unique destinations perfectly, no matter how remote.



The first sustainable ship in the Amazon!

Solar energy 100% from the ship, the most modern water and sewage treatment system, without plastic bottles in our services. A true feat of Sustainable Engineering, to ensure our ecological footprint remains at the lowest level!

100% energy generated by solar panels

Untamed Amazon is a pioneer in the Amazon in the use of solar energy to supply 100% of the boat’s electrical network, replacing diesel production. The system of solar panels, lithium batteries and inverters is the most advanced in photovoltaic production technology. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to planting a tree a day.

We ban plastic with an unprecedented water purification system

The river water is treated by 3 filtration processes (including reverse osmosis) plus 3 purification processes (chlorination, UV light and ozone) and distributed pure and potable on the boat. We are eliminating plastic water bottles and, in partnership with YETI, we are bringing large reusable coolers to customers. The effluent is treated in biodigesters and transforms the wastewater which, after chlorination, returns clean to the river.

World-class service and cuisine

The cuisine aboard the Untamed Amazon is commissioned by world-renowned chefs, ensuring the fusion of Amazonian flavors, innovation and talent. To accompany our meals, we offer a special selection of wines (kept in a temperature-controlled cellar), special beers and the national passion fruit: the tropical fruit caipirinha.

Luxury Accommodation

We offer eight comfortable air-conditioned suites, each with a private bathroom. Our hotel’s boat has a satellite phone. The suites have panoramic windows, guaranteeing an extraordinary view of the Amazon.
The upper deck offers a large common area, a large dining room and an open living room.
Internet service at an additional cost.


There are a variety of unique destinations in the world, pristine places where the journey to get there is part of the adventure and life experiences that await. We impeccably pursue these unique destinations, no matter how remote, because we are instinctively driven by our adventurous spirit.

Untouched rivers, fascinating fauna, lush flora and natives ready to share their heritage. Our destinations offer the adventures of a lifetime and trips where you’ll find the spirit and heart of the Amazon!


Since 2003, we organize tailor-made holidays to Brazil and we can amend to your enquirements and budget.

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