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City: Espírito Santo do Pinhal


The best of the hotel! Come breathe the fresh air amidst carefully preserved nature, discover the history of coffee, and enjoy the hospitality of Pousada Famiglia Barthô.



Pousada Famiglia Barthô was founded by historian Marly Bartholomei, author of the book “O Romance de Pinhal” which tells the story of the families that formed this city. Today, it is managed by her sons Suzete and Jairo Bartholomei, but we can almost always find her telling her most interesting “stories”. The inn is located on the Fazenda Barthô, also owned by the family and in its seventh generation.

All suites are spacious and airy to accommodate couples or families of different sizes. We have options that meet all needs with the comfort our guests expect to find.

Fazenda Barthô is a coffee producer. Guests can enjoy the exuberant flowering from September to November, and harvesting and drying in the terreirão, from May to August. In addition, they offer several other attractions, such as horse riding, swimming pool, trail, and much more.


Since 2003, we organize tailor-made holidays to Brazil and we can amend to your enquirements and budget.

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