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Rua João Pereira Damasceno, 02 Ponta do Farol / CEP 65077 630 São Luís - Maranhão - Brasil


City: São Luis


The best of the hotel! At Luzeiros São Luís guests can enjoy every moment of their free time, where, in addition to the pool with terrace and bar facilities, you can enjoy a top-level gym.



Following the concept of HOTEL DESIGN, Luzeiros offers a unique experience that aims to meet your needs down to the smallest detail. We guarantee all the comfort and leisure, we present the best of regional and international cuisine, in addition to a team of highly motivated and qualified professionals to serve you.

So that you can use your free time in an activity that you really enjoy, Hotel Luzeiros São Luis offers in its structure activities that help you relax and escape from the work routine. In addition to our incredible pool practically on the beach, we offer fitness options in our renovated gym, 100% integrated into the hotel environment.


Since 2003, we organize tailor-made holidays to Brazil and we can amend to your enquirements and budget.

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