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R. da Dunas, 2 - praia, Jijoca de Jericoacoara - CE, 62598-973


City: Jericoacoara


The best of the hotel! Casalô Hotel is a haven in the middle of the charming village of Jericoacoara, located a few meters from the center of the village and the beaches of Jeri.



Enjoy every moment surrounded by the simple pleasures of nature. The village preserves authenticity and local tradition so that you can connect with the true essence of Jericoacoara. Complete houses and charming suites amidst Jeri’s native coconut trees.

Collect unforgettable memories!

Enjoy our beaches, our lagoons, enjoy our lifestyle, dance to our music and, of course, do not miss any opportunity to stop to enjoy our sunset.

Our mission is to connect you with the essence of our village so that you can live magical days.

The use of natural materials in our architecture makes you feel welcomed by nature, immersed in the local culture without giving up the warmth and comfort of a hotel.


Since 2003, we organize tailor-made holidays to Brazil and we can amend to your enquirements and budget.

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